Like most people, there are many facets to my life and I can’t be absolutely defined by any single one. So here is a breif description of the particularly important or interesting facets (in no particular order).


I would like to maintain at least some privacy, so the victims shall remain nameless. My lovely wife and I have four children together: three boys and one girl in that order. While it can get crazy at times, I love my family to pieces and am really happy to have them around.


I manage the IT department for North Coast Medical. Despite being a manager, I still spend a lot of time writing Ruby, configuring Linux servers and keeping the lights on.


I started writing BASIC code when I was 8 years old and studied programming through most of high school. During college I studied audio production thinking I would operate a recording studio someday. That someday never came, but I still love technology and writing software.


I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka. the Mormon Church. I served a mission for the church in South Korea for 2 years. Yes, I even learned to read, write and speak Korean which is an awesome language.


Health has always been interesting to me. I’m not that healthy, and I’m starting to feel it now that I’m in my 30’s. Continual improvement is something I value, and I think that health may be the next area of my life that I need to improve. I’ll keep you posted.